In order to provide these services to plans, AMI utilizes multi-disciplinary client service teams that have many years of experience and minimal turnover. AMI has extensive experience with the IRS, DOL, ERISA legal firms and our service partners, including financial service firms, broker dealers, mutual fund companies, software firms, TPA firms and others.

AMI's employees undergo extensive training and hold many industry designations. The firm employs a full-time internal technology staff and supports the business with continuously monitored custom software. AMI's interactive approach to client service, combined with technical quality, has led to a high client retention record. The leadership of the management is reflected in a business model built on client service teams supported by quality standards.

Our History


The founder of AMI entered the insurance industry in 1979. He was working mostly with small business owners that expressed a need for assistance with setting up their benefit plans. Shortly thereafter, the founder created an insurance agency that specialized in employee benefits. They first contracted to provide enrollment and investment education services to a 401(k) plan in 1982. That plan is still with AMI today.


During the 1980s, AMI used outside service providers to perform administrative services for benefit plans. However, we found that employers and participants were becoming frustrated with their inability to get customer service questions answered regarding loans, hardship withdrawals, QDROs, etc. It seemed that the service providers and record keepers kept turning the questions back to the employers. AMI felt that was not the way to provide customer service so we started to provide those answers. In 1991, one of these service providers went out of business and AMI decided to provide administrative services to those plans. By 1994, we founded AMI Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc. as a separate company from the insurance agency. In 1997, we were approached by a national firm about taking over a group of plans for administrative purposes. We went from administering 75 plans to 225 plans in one year and have been growing ever since.


Along the way, we found out that there was software to perform the testing, 5500 and record keeping services to plans. However, software did not exist to provide comprehensive customer service that pertained to the day to day operations of plans, so we wrote our own. We employ full time IT personnel to constantly update our software and to maintain our network. Along with our custom software we employ educated staff members that have obtained many industry accreditations who understand that as a Fiduciary, we put the interest of the plan and its participants first.


AMI's commitment to providing excellent customer service, our constantly evolving technology and our staff has permitted us to grow into an organization that is dedicated to providing co-fiduciary, record keeping and compliance services for employers across the United States.

Our Team Leaders


Tim Halchuck, QPFC, AIF®, C(k)P®, QKA is the CEO of AMI Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc.  He graduated from Youngstown State University in 1995 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, major in Finance.  He went on to obtain his Series 7 license in 1996 and his Series 65 license in 2012.  He entered the financial services industry in 1991 as an insurance agent.  He earned the QPFC (Qualified Plan Financial Consultant) designation from ASPPA in 2013, his AIF® (Accredited Investment Fiduciary) designation from fi360® in 2015 and the C(k)P® from The Retirement Advisor University® in collaboration with UCLA Anderson School of Management Executive Education in 2016. He earned the QKA (Qualified 401(k) Administrator) designation from ASPPA in 2018. At AMI, Tim works with plan advisors to assist them as requested.  He also oversees the co-ordination between the various AMI teams as well as the corporate functions of AMI. sales@amibenefit.com

Pamela L. Shoup, CEBS, RPA, QKA is the President of AMI Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc.  She graduated from Miami University in 1988 with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business.  She continued her education with the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to earn the RPA (Retirement Plans Associate) and the CEBS (Certified Employee Benefit Specialist) designations.  She earned the QKA (Qualified 401(k) Administrator) designation from ASPPA in 2013.  She entered the financial services industry in 1989 as an insurance agent and maintains that license but no longer practices.  At AMI, Pam is in charge of plan conversions, computer programming, quality control, plan administration and the policies and procedures of the organization. admin@amibenefit.com

Tracy Martin, QKA is the Corporate Secretary of AMI Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc. She graduated from Trumbull Business College in 1999 with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Business. Tracy started with AMI in 1999 and worked to design the procedures for the open architecture daily trading. She is currently the team leader for the Plan Management Team. This team is responsible for processing contributions, distributions, loans enrollments and customer service. pmt@amibenefit.com.

Charles Durkot, E.A, ERPA, QPA graduated from Youngstown State University in 1995 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, major in accounting.  He went on to earn the E.A. (Enrolled Agent) designation in 2006. The E.A. designation permits Charles to represent clients before the IRS with regard to tax matters.  He earned the ERPA and QPA certifications in 2014. At AMI, Charles is the Assistant Team Leader for the Plan Administration Team, as well as the chief compliance officer.  He has been with AMI since 2002. admin@amibenefit.com.

John A. Halchuck, TGPC, CLU, ChFC, REBC, QPA, ERPA is the founder of the AMI Companies. He earned the CLU, ChFC and the REBC (Registered Employee Benefits Consultant) designations from the American College.  He has also earned the TGPC (Tax-Exempt & Governmental Plan Consultant) and QPA (Qualified Plan Administrator from ASPPA). In addition, John is an ERPA (Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent).  The ERPA designation permits John to represent clients before the IRS with regard to their retirement plans. John is currently retired but acts as a consultant for AMI.